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Cross-cultural training




What are these courses ?


These courses are especially designed for American executives sent to a French subsidiary or French managers sent to a US subsidiary.































Companies recognizing the importance of training their managers in cross-cultural managment:






What it consist of ?


The purpose of these courses is to educate managers and manageurs emigrating to cultural and managerial differences between France and the United States.


When going abroad for cultural difference is not the first thing that comes to mind and yet it is essential. Insertion may fail catastrophically if the expatriate person is not aware of these differences and persists in its approach. Patience, the marks of respect, hierarchy, decision processes, as many of the management issues that vary across countries and cultures.


The courses also aim to inform and assist in personal integration and, where appropriate, family because working in a country differs is one thing but live, that's another story. If expatriates do not feel good about a foreign city or fail to fit, it may cause rejection and therefore the failure of implantation. That's why we put so much emphasis on the management on privacy (information on the country, the city, the habits of local on possible activities, etc ...).


Our Expertise


Recognizing the importance of these cultural differences both in the enterprise integration in a country and a community, the founder of USAFrance; Vanina Joulin-Batejat; working through partnerships with leading French specialized in intercultural training.


Having herself immigrated to the United States in 2007, she was able to experience the differences in culture and behavior, both in business and in everyday life. This issue, Vanina has lived and is now putting its experience available to companies wishing to train their staff in intercultural management. Therefore USAFrance, LLC has set up this training in order to bring its 

expertise to large, medium and smaller companies.




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Vanina, both my husband and I would like to thank you for your time earlier this month. We found the information you presented very helpful and will--no doubt--prove even more beneficial once we're finally settled in Paris. 


We also appreciate you sending the contact information for the various associations and churches 


Manager at Thales - 

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