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Our services




To provide you support in your most complete development, we put at your disposal various services:



Logistical & administrative support


Our team can implement efficient logistics strategy and assist you in all administrative procedures required for your presence on the US market.


The validation of your products


Prior to export, your products must meet different requirements of the US market. Our team helps you in all the steps to start your input serenely on the American market.


Financial aid


We study together all the financial aspects arising from the export process, as well as all the aids available to help you financially in all your efforts.

Providing our network of buyers, help with making appointments and / or sales representation


We offer the client a list of personalized and targeted buyers according to criteria that customers demand. In addition, we provide our expertise and advice to guide you in your choice of business partners with whom we put you in contact.



Design & Marketing


The US market is very sensitive to the Design and Packaging, we provide our market knowledge to help customers to adapt the design of its products and marketing actions.

The completion of your studies


The US market specialist, our team is responsible to provide you with market research, competitive analysis and financial projections with the aim of building a complete Buiness Plan which rely either for your location, your visa or export of your products in the US.

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