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Charleston, Top deal for E-2 visa visa, a turnkey operation, training included

The East Coast is a privileged destination for the establishment of the French, Belgians, Swiss and Canadians in the USA. Closer than the West Coast, it is a very popular place with less jet lag.

Florida or New York are the destinations that often come back. Despite everything, more and more of our customers have discovered South Carolina, a state with exponential growth, and where the prices of the properties to buy are still affordable.

Charleston is indeed one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The greater Charleston area has one of the highest growth rates in America as more people leave surrounding counties to take advantage of the city's rapidly improving economy. According to new census estimates, the Charleston area (three counties) was the 12th fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States.

From a strictly practical standpoint, moving to Charleston is a great financial option. In general, South Carolina has low property taxes, ranking 9th of all states. On par with low gas taxes, it is very affordable to live and work. There are many beautiful and affordable waterfront homes, condos, and even apartments.

The education system is one of the best and most extensive in South Carolina. Children of all ages can choose from a variety of schools and colleges

A reliable and strong economy brings many job offers. It's no surprise that Charleston has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Moreover, its economy is also well above the state average.

Finding a quality business for sale is not easy and Charleston is a favored city compared to Florida here.

We very rarely offer business. But here we have a client who came on an E-2 visa almost 10 years ago and wants to sell his business. He is preferably looking for a French-speaking population with knowledge of catering. So here are some details:

Top deal for E-2 visa with support included for installation, visa, and training, turnkey in the heart of Charleston:

- “Covid proof”, increased net sales

- Close to the university which gives you the immense opportunity to find a reliable workforce which is very rare at the moment with the shortage of labor that exists.

- A commercial lease with a low rent which is very rare especially with this premium location

- A strong cash flow compared to the competition

- Part of the new kitchen equipment is new and in particular the grease trap which is one of the major investments in the kitchen

Since its opening, the establishment has experienced a strong increase in its net sales.

The reviews in the various media (Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.) are full of praise both for the products and for the welcome and atmosphere of this unique place.

• Travelers choice on TripAdvisor since 2020 (in the top 10% of the best restaurants in the world).

• Top 20 out of 650 in Charleston.

• 4.7* on Google.

• 4.9* on Facebook.

• Best restaurant on Guru.

• Number 1 on the Gluten free app.

It is possible to order online. The local clientele is very wealthy (many engineers), banks, lawyers, but also high-income retirees, in addition to the permanent presence of tourists, Charleston remains the preferred destination for Americans.

The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sunday is the closing day. It is a personal choice of the owners, but there is the possibility of increasing the opening hours, as you wish; there are no business hours constraints in South Carolina law.

Best time to take a vacation (in the sun): January.

The owners also take a week in April and a week in August and/or November (depending on the attendance of Charleston)

The best time for business is Mid-February through September, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Very good culinary culture, to be exploited

The business includes a small grocery store with dining room.

Everything is completely new inside, the French decoration made by the owners.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly.


The owners moved to the United States in September 2014 fulfilling a dream. After studying several projects during different trips, they decided to create their restaurant-grocery-creperie concept from scratch.

Finances and figures


· 695 sqf

· 20 seats

· 2 Benches on the sidewalk

· (Waiting Take-out)

· 1 Fridge 2 doors

· 1 2-door freezer (Sept 2021)

· 1 new grease trap $4500

Net sales