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It’s time to DREAM BIG, ACT NOW

Join us on May 26TH for a business bootcamp.

Reserve your places now: you will be able to participate to focused roundtable, break-out sessions to facilitate new networking opportunities that will enrich your experience and prepare you to your next step.

The economy is indeed booming.

Almost a million jobs were added in March.

Almost half of the gains were in leisure and hospitality.

“Faster vaccine roll-out and new fiscal stimulus have accelerated activity,” Morgan Stanley wrote in a note to clients.

Moody expects more than a million job gains every month for the next few months and a return to pre-COVID-19 employment levels next year, meaning that thy will not be enough people for the number of jobs offered.

Morgan Stanley expects the economy to grow 7.5% this year - the biggest increase since 1984 - and Oxford Economics is forecasting a record increase of 7 million jobs. Business spending has skyrocketed since early March and is 10.4% above the pre-crisis threshold. The work-from-home market has triggered a wave of spending related to online technologies. Amazon expanded warehouses to strengthen door-to-door delivery in less than 24 hours.

Soon deliveries will be made by drones: there is a market in this sector and everything related to robotics: delivery-fleet-gets-faa-approval.htm

Many sectors need innovation and innovative companies The demand is endless in all sectors, including I particular:

Transportation: road repairs with non-polluting cements, increase in the fleet of electric and autonomous cars, EV public transportation…: the competition already exists but there are still many opportunities for French and European companies specialized in the field: California has already introduced laws to allow the implementation of self-driving cars:

· Everything related to the construction of environmentally friendly buildings

· Education

· Artificial intelligence

· Health

· Biotechnologies

· … the list is endless

On the other hand, if you want to sell in the USA, you will have to consider the executive order below "Made in all of America". Setting up a subsidiary becomes the necessary path. all-of-americas-workers /

On the immigration side, the investor visa is still one of the preferred ways to come to the United States. Now more than ever, preparations need to be made so that E enterprises can begin conducting/scaling up their operations as soon as the Applicant enters the United States. With only about one year to develop a sustainable business, investors and traders will have to plan even more meticulously their business’ start-up and make all the necessary studies and calculations before applying for their E visa. We are hopefully that the validity will be increased to 5 years. For Swiss, the E-visa normally is valid for 48 months for E1/E2 applicants and 60 months For the Belgium population.

You want to get started in the USA. Now is the time and take advantage of this business bootcamp to familiarize yourself and start asking your questions



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Bootcamp proposed in French language

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