Setting up in the USA: industries and business of the future.

The United States is booming again. Inflation is expected to return. We are on the way back to full employment. It is even extremely difficult to find some employees in many sectors including engineers, but also data specialists, restaurant’s employees, construction ...

If you want to get into the US market, consider the Buy American Act into account, which means that if you want to export, you have to consider setting up a subsidiary and, if possible, manufacturing in the USA.

There are enormous possibilities in tech, health, but also consumer products including foo, cosmetics: there are several companies that offer very good alternatives with private label: they can use your French formula or recipe, which is a way to offer French products even if they are made in the US.

Below are the industries that are on the rise:

1) All the companies that deal with autonomous electric vehicles.

There is huge progress whether it is Tesla, Google, Apple ... or others less known as Cruise who have already partnered with Walmart

The fact remains that there is still a huge market for this as AI is not yet ready for high traffic cities. Whoever manages to run an autonomous vehicle safely in Paris will have won the game. it's expected there'll be a large amount of expansion and investment over the coming years.

2) In the retail industry: cashless stores managed by artificial intelligence; an interesting concept developed in France: storelyft with Boxy or convenience stores. In the same vein, there is Amazon Go, or Standard.Ai that offers an autonomous payment solution in all convenience stores ...

3) Education: or tech Ed. Huge strides were made during the Covid but there is still a lot to do!

4) Everything that revolves around telemedicine (Nurx ..) but also virtual care services:

While telemedicine made a name for itself in 2020, many investors are still unaware that telemedicine is only a small part of a much bigger investment opportunity: virtual care. Virtual care includes not only the service that connects patients to a random doctor for a need for rapid urgent care, but broader platforms that connect patients to their own doctors, anywhere and the platforms that deliver virtual care to employees

5) Cybersecurity, data encryptions.

6) Automation and robotics will infiltrate all stages of the supply chain.

7) Robotics in everyday life with interesting and surprising applications such as those offered by CapSix which offers “robotic” massages or B2B cosmetics, The first machine capable of manufacturing at home and in a few minutes, any type of personalized cosmetic product.

8) Regarding consumer products: vegan food has experienced unprecedented growth + 710% since 2000.