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The world has been living under the auspices of you Covid-19 for over a year now.

A year later, good news seems to be confirmed.

The stock market is still at its highest level and experts do not see a drop at least in the next 12 months (source: New York Times)

The fiscal and monetary stimulus is unprecedented, and as the New York Times article points out, it could herald the biggest economic boom ever.

With stimulus cash and jobs spike, U.S. emerges as main engine for global economic recovery

Amid steady progress with coronavirus vaccinations, the U.S. economy is gathering so much steam that its gains will not stay at home. Demand for goods and services this year is expected to spill well beyond U.S. borders, making the United States the largest single contributor to global growth for the first time since 2005, according to Oxford Economics.

Indeed According to the CDC, nearly 140 million people have already received a dose of the vaccine in the United States.

Economists polled by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia this month predicted that US growth will reach at least 4.5% this year, making it the best year since 1999. Some expect an even stronger rebound: Goldman Sachs economists forecast 6.8% growth this year and that the unemployment rate will drop to 4.1% by December, a level it took eight years to reach after the last recession ...

Also, companies have increased their productivity during the "Covid-19 era", with the adoption of a wide range of new technologies, online meetings, file sharing, flexible working hours ... which have increased productivity. in many sectors (Banks, insurance, new technologies, etc.)

Constance L. Hunter, chief economist at the accounting firm KPMG, compared this potential for growth to the post-WWII period.

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