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2022 Food and tech technology trends

We will start with trends in the tech industry because it is definitely the sector that has made the most progress over the past 2 years, especially with the Covid.

If you have talents in the sector or have developed a technology, now is the time to come and set up your company in the United States. You can use the E-2 investor visa to facilitate this establishment.

IA, we will not teach you anything about it, is the sector that is on the rise. Over the coming year, we will see the continued expansion of AI across all industries. Whether for surveillance, communication, data protection or the management of other interactions, AI has become the only option to safely manage the complexity of these relationships through 2022 and beyond, notably according to Len Covello Engage People, Inc

“Smart clothing” saw good progresses according to Accenture. To begin with, you can find swimsuits that can include UV sensors to prevent overexposure to harmful radiation. Smart shoes can improve your running technique or monitor the mobility of patients with Parkinson's disease. And don't forget the accessories, like the Ray-Ban smart sunglasses


The US has an estimated labor shortage of over 500,000 people. Any company specializing in this has the potential to have a huge market in the USA.

Investments continue to flow into cybersecurity. Sixty-nine percent of organizations forecast an increase in cyber spending in 2022, up from 55% last year. More than a quarter (26%) predict increases in cyber spending of 10% or more; only 8% percent said this last year. (Source PwC)

Organizations know that the risks are increasing. More than 50% expect an increase in reportable incidents next year above 2021 levels.

Already, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the worst cybersecurity ever. Ever more sophisticated attackers are digging into the dark corners of our systems and networks, searching - and finding - vulnerabilities. Regardless of the nature of an organization's digital Achilles heel - an unprotected server with 50 million records, for example, or a flaw in the code controlling access to crypto wallets - attackers will use all means. available to them, both traditional and ultra-sophisticated to exploit it.

The consequences of an attack increase as the interdependencies of our systems become more and more complex. Critical infrastructure is particularly vulnerable. And yet, many of the breaches we see are still preventable through good cybersecurity practices and tight controls.

In the food industry

Consolidation of the "alternative"

The alternative protein sector is showing all signs of being influences by strong M&A activity in 2022. Plant-based precursors including Impossible Foods and Beyond Burger have amassed the cash needed for bold moves . Meanwhile, traditional meat companies like Tyson and Cargill have spread their investments in a field of cellular protein businesses, including New Wave Foods, Memphis Meats Aleph Farms, and Future Meat Technologies according to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

In France NxtFood has raised more than 10 million euros to finance its first French factory dedicated to the production of steaks made from vegetable proteins. In the same wave, HARi & CO is a 100% plant-based food start-up that fuels the mission of putting legumes at the heart of the plate for all those who seek to give meaning to their food while taking pleasure in to eat. There are also great prospects for exporting and establishing a presence in the USA.

Likewise, IFT predicts the explosion of dairy products without animal protein. Plant-based milks have continued to gain popularity due to their health and nutritional benefits, their own label attributes, and their environmental profile. Expect an explosion of new launches in this highly competitive space, where oat products recently overtook soybeans to take second place in sales.

While products made with peas have also won over consumers, a host of new formulations made from beans, chickpeas, barley, hemp and flax will continue to reshape and expand the alternative space to milk. .

"Health and now serenity" products are on the rise

Products that boost immunity remain a priority for consumers, but expect increased interest in products that promote calm, relaxation, and stress reduction. The past two years have been anything but stable and peaceful, so ingredients reported to help with anxiety and stress will be popular. Look for melatonin, L-theanine, magnesium, and herbs like lavender, ashwagandha, valerian, and chamomile.

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